Monday, November 8, 2010

Film Analysis

For my film analysis essay, I'm thinking about comparing two Guillermo Del Toro movies Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphange. Both movies are located in "out of the way" or remote areas and both have older landmarks (the labyrinth and the old orphanage). The comparisons are plenty, and while The Orphange gives the viewer a bit more of a fright (I guess Del Toro likes using innocent/creepy children in his movies) I came out of both movies with different feelings. Pan's labyrinth came across as less believeable than The Orphange, probably because of the different types of Paranormal involved. Pan's Labyrinth focused more on the Supernatural where as The Orphanage was more focused on the Paranormal.
Most people who watch Pan's Labyrinth go into the movie believing that it is a dark fantasy and they don't question whether or not Ofelia has a vivd imagination or if the story is in fact true and she's a fairy princess. The Orphange on the other hand, makes out it's leading lady to be clinically insane until the very end, and the audience is left wondering if she's crazy and hallucinating after taking all those pills, or if she is in fact reunited with her son and all of his creepy dead friends.

(To be continued, I have to go to class now so I'll finish this later)

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  1. As I mentioned, I think this is fantastic choice for your analysis. You may wish to include a section that examines fantasy as a political strategy of survival--the retreat into the supernatural is a coping mechanism for inhuman exercise of power in Pan's Labyrinth. It is a commentary on fascism in a domestic setting. You may wish to look at historical conext as part of the mise en scene.